Mind Your Own Business!

The concept of minding your own business implies that while you are grinding away at your day job you need to be investing and working towards your future financial independence. Pretty soon you’ll be able to walk away from your day job and mind your own business full time. The best way to do this […]

Decoding WOM Messages

Today’slesson will focus on how Word of Mouth (WOM) messages are delivered and what you can do to influence those messages. There are essentially 3 methods of WOM: • Expert to Expert • Expert to Peer • Peer to Peer When experts are discussing your products and/or services you will most likely receive a noticeable […]

WOM Meets Customers Head-On

Today we’ll cover the idea of shortening your customers’ decision-making process with positive word of mouth (WOM). There are essentially 5 stages in the decision-making process. They are: 1. Give the product a chance and transition from a “no” to a “maybe”; 2. Check out the options and investigate different products available; 3. Observe the […]

Word of Mouth Tactics – Part 3

Last time we covered the second series of word of mouth tactics which will help you develop a system to shorten the purchasing decision time of your customers to exponentially increase your profits. Today we’re going to discuss the nine levels of word of mouth that gives you a tool to measure word of mouth […]

Word of Mouth Tactics – Part 1

Today we’ll start a new series topic on Word of Mouth and how it can make or break your business in the blink of an eye. In this first lesson we will provide a clear definition of word of mouth and what it means for your business. Word of Mouth is easily the most powerful […]

Multiply On Maximizing Your Resources

The last few posts have focused on how to multiply the resources that you’ve worked hard to maximize.  In review, we have covered: Call in the Troops Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork Black Sheep Clients Olympic-Sized Sales Staff Open Water Fishing Call for Back-Up Go Big Online Bartering with the Best Giving Away the […]

Multiply On Your Maximizing Resources – Part 2

Last time we outlined how to start multiplying on the resources you worked on maximizing. We covered the following areas: Call in the Troops Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork Black Sheep Clients Today we are going to look at the next three: Olympic-Sized Sales Staff Open Water Fishing Call for Back-Up Olympic-Sized Sales Staff […]

Multipy On Maximizing Your Resources – Part 1

The next series of posts will cover how to take maximizing resources and multiply them for even greater results. In this first of our four part series we’ll cover: Call in the Troops; Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork; Black Sheep Clients. Call in the Troops Finding and securing new clients can be exhausting and […]

Bring Them Flowers

There are a few things you must do to prepare for your first face-to-face meeting: • Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the meeting; • Anticipate potential concerns from the client; • Check to ensure you are completely prepared; • Listen more than you talk; • Bring support staff with you; […]

Who’s Your MVP?

The previous post dealt with making first contact with your prospective big fish and how to make a positive first impression. Today we’re going to cover feeling out the personality of your prospective big fish in order to match the right salesperson to the fish. You need to do this in two steps: 1. Profile […]