The last few posts have focused on how to multiply the resources that you’ve worked hard to maximize.  In review, we have covered:

  1. Call in the Troops
  2. Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork
  3. Black Sheep Clients
  4. Olympic-Sized Sales Staff
  5. Open Water Fishing
  6. Call for Back-Up
  7. Go Big Online
  8. Bartering with the Best
  9. Giving Away the Farm

Today we will conclude the series with the final three ways to multiply your maximized resources. We will highlight:

  1. Finding Your Pot of Gold
  2. Staying at the Top of Your Game
  3. Wealth from the Inside Out

These final areas are all crucial to maintain your momentum making what you have work harder for you.

Finding Your Pot of Gold

It is imperative to always have a goal that you are working towards in order to stay the course. Your goal must be something that is possible to attain and can utilize your full potential. Don’t be afraid to aim high, just ensure you are clear what your goal is and exactly what you need to do to attain it. You must hold yourself accountable to reaching your goal and continue to raise the bar as you approach completion.

Staying at the Top of Your Game

Once you have mastered these previous areas, you must ensure that you remain competitive and are developing innovative ways to use your new tools. Don’t rest on one success when there are more on the horizon. To continue to be successful your business must continue to learn and evolve.

Wealth from the Inside Out

Wealth is defined within your own personal constructs, not through your profits or the general world view. You can use all these strategies we have outlined in both your business and personal life to achieve a greater level of success. When you naturally convey who you are and what you believe, the right people for you will naturally be drawn to you. This will happen both in life and in business.

You are capable of reaching your goals as long as they are well-defined and a clear roadmap is built to them.

Throughout the last seven lessons we’ve talked about how to take a hard look at the resources you currently have right in front of you and maximize them to get the most out of what you already have, and then turning around and multiplying those maximized resources to take them to the next level of success.

If you need help with any of these areas, steps or processes, reach out to me for assistance.  I am here to help you succeed.

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