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Multiply On Your Maximizing Resources – Part 1

The next series of posts will cover how to take maximizing resources and multiply them
for even bigger results.

In this first of the four part series we’ll cover:
1. Call in the Troops
2. Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork
3. Black Sheep Clients

Call in the Troops

Finding and securing new clients can be exhausting and expensive. Instead work with
other companies to help you find new clients. Find solid companies with secure, positive
relationships with their customers/clients. Also, ensure that their products/services are
not directly competitive with yours.

Contact prospective partner companies and talk with them about helping promote your
products/services to their clients. Always offer them a commission on the sales that
come from their client lists.

Make sure to include these key points in your proposal:
 Ensure that your products/services don’t compete with theirs.
 The partnership will not take away from their current or future sales.
 The partnership will increase their profits.
 They won’t have to do nor spend anything on the partnership.
 You will produce all needed marketing materials.
 You will offer an unconditional guarantee on all products/services.

Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork

If you take the time to put together a solid referral system you’ll draw new
customers/clients out of the woodwork through everyone you already know. You can
start doing this through first showing all your current clients how much you care about
them. Then show them how your products/services can significantly improve their lives or
businesses. If you can do this consistently, they will naturally and comfortably bring new
clients right to you.

Black Sheep Clients

One of the best ways to rejuvenate business is to find your stray clients and offer them
something amazing. First you need to understand why they strayed and are no longer
purchasing from you. There are generally three reasons why customers/clients leave.

They are:
1. Unrelated causes that have nothing to do with you
2. A problem with their last purchase
3. No longer benefit from your products/services

The best way to bring these clients back is to simply contact them. If you don’t make the
first move, they’ll never come back. You make an appointment to visit them or call them
if it’s not possible to meet in person.

Talk openly with your stray clients. Let them know you noticed they were no longer
working with you and that you’d like to talk with them about their experiences with you
and how you can improve things to work together again. Take the time to make them
feel special and work hard to make sure their experiences with you going forward are
the best ever.

This wraps up the first three areas on how to multiply your maximized resources. If you
need help working on any of these ideas or processes, try our GUIDED TOUR to work
with an experienced business coach.

Next time we’ll talk about the next three areas of multiplying your resources. They
include: Olympic-Size Sales Staff, Open Sea Fishing and Call for Back-Up.

Educate Your Customers

Educate them about what, you may be thinking. Well, consider this, many businesses focus solely on attracting new customers, but you NEED to spend a good chunk of your time retaining current and former customers. These are people you already know to be a good sales potential…they’ve already bought from you!

Take the time to market and sell new products to your old customers and less time trying to sell old products to new customers and you will see a drastic change in your sales, customer quality and branding position.

Here are a couple of key elements to use to retain your current customers:

  1. Stay in contact: This means by phone, email, e-newsletter, in person-by pigeon if you have too!
  2. Post-Purchase Assurance: This means you need to follow up with customers. Your customers need to feel like they are being supported for their purchase and with the item they purchased. How many times have you purchased a product, then felt completely abandoned? Something as simple as a Thank You note with your contact or customer service information can go along way in retaining a great customer.
  3. Deals & Guarantees: Always offer your current customers the best deals and guarantees you have. Show them you appreciate their business or even come up with a club specifically to reward loyal customers. You can also do this with a preferred pricing option.
  4. Integrity: Using good business practices and simply upholding integrity, dignity and honesty go along way with customers. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of swindling and crap out there and the safer and more confident you make your customers feel, the more they will trust you and that makes for an amazingly supportive and loyal customer.

There are three cornerstone ideas to a successful business:

  • Quality product/service
  • Offering useful products/services that solve a problem for or enhance the life of a customer
  • Offer subjects your customers find interesting

Use this approach of educating your customers and offering them real information and insight and you will be rewarded with loyalty and success.

Stop wasting all your time on new prospects while your current customers fall by the wayside!

As Jay Abraham says, “Your best prospects are your existing customers. If you’ve been putting all your marketing efforts into acquiring new customers, stop and diverts some of your resources into reselling, upselling, cross-selling to those same customers. In every ways possible – through package inserts, regular mailings, special offers – stay in touch with those customers and get them used to buying from you.”

So, there it is! Remember, we can help you put together the resources and tools to do exactly that. We can help you educate your customers and you can watch the benefits pay offer many-fold.